Some type of confused vent about returning to some kind of normalcy


Hi, lttle creature on the other side of the screen that eventually reads my words. I'm not sure where to start, it's always the hardest part about writing. The beginning.

Maybe I should start by saying that I went back to school, and after so many months away that is at least strange. Spending almost 6 hours sitting in the same chair, with a single 10-minute break, listening to the same recommendations and rules is not exactly the most enjoyable of all (but hey, without judgment, there is a preference for everything, isn't it?). You could see all my excitement and happiness with this "return to normal" right? Great, that was the objective.

So, no, I'm not happy with this, I don't think this year is going to go well, just right now that I was going to start really trying and studying minimally.... and that might scare me slightly. That basic pressure that all students from 12 years old suffer, and that gets worse in the exam years (wouldn't I be in an exam year too ... just to improve everything? I am.) So, ok, maybe this perspective gives me give your spine a little chill. Perhaps.

But it's not all bad, I finally decided to read a first book in English (damn Portuguese publishers who just NOT finished translating the collections), "Heir of Fire" and it's been a lot easier than I would have expected. Annnd I will finally gain some routine in this of having a blog and bookstagram, say goodbye to 3 weeks without publishing anything. I'm also trying to learn German, and maybe guitar in a while... who knows.

I don't know, I think we all found a way to survive these crazy times. Is that what humans have done since... ever?

Basically we are all trying not to die this year, I think the only possible goal for 2020 is to arrive alive and not totally insane (some insanity is good, of course) by 2021.

Oh and I also wanted to remind everyone that autumn couldn't be closer, I hope you enjoy the best time of the year with lots of veggie comfort food and hot coffee (by the way Christmas is also counting down, for those who leave everything for the last : maybe it's a good idea to think about gifts and if you want to pass my wishlist of books to you on dm.... just a joke hahaha but if you want, i want to....).

Finally, this post has a little spoiler of what's coming ... I'm just piquing the curiosity of those who read me <3. Until next Monday, wait for a delicious surprise.

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