The most beautiful Netflix series: My Opinion, without spoilers (Part 1)


Girls from Ipanema, the perfect combination of good music and rhythms with the empowerment of women and other delicate topics...

Hello little creatures that accompany my words, today I bring you my opinion as sincere as possible and, of course, without spoilers, of one of the best series I have ever seen. It has even become one of my favorites, with a plot and captivating characters, Girls From Ipanema reaches all hearts and leaves no one indifferent.

Girls from Ipanema come out in March, last year, and since that time I was interested in seeing, but there was never an opportunity... until a few days ago, when the 2nd season came out, and well, where to start? (For the 1st season, of course, that's why I'm going to divide my opinion into 2 parts, one for each season, because a lot changes and evolves between the two).

The series is another Brazilian bet from Netflix, after "3%" (series that I also like a lot) or "Sintonia", it addresses several very important themes, from abortion, feminicide, female freedom, abusive relationships, racism, inter couples -racials, all of this to the sound of good music, especially bossa-nova, which was gaining notoriety at that time. It happens in the middle of 1950/1960, and one of the sad things, for me, is to see that many things from that time they continue to happen now, in 2020, more of 50 years later.

I loved the characters, Adélia, Lígia, Malu and Thereza, a wonderful group and if someone  doesn't like some of them, so the problem is in the person and not in the characters, but without jokes, it is incredible how the shock of reality what characters received, when forced to get out of their "bubbles" (Adélia, as the black woman turns out to be the one that most originates these "shocks", finally faces or double the adversities of the others). In the evolution of all notifications, each one tries to solve the adversities in his own way, in search of the happy and follows his dreams.

Counting a 1st season with only 7 episodes, a story ends up being printed in some scenes, and that I don't consider something totally bad ... but without a doubt a series that is not lost if it has a few more episodes, even if only for clarify certain things more calmly.

The final episode of the series does not please all viewers, and I admit that was devastated by this end, because, after so much struggle, a happy ending was more than deserved. But this is not a negative point of the series, despite breaking our hearts, it?s good to bring a very important theme and this is the reality of many women, even today.

In the end, Girls From Ipanema is a great series, with relevant themes, a plot that captivates and forces us to marathon all episodes, at the same time bring us a perfect aesthetics and photography, which make us feel exactly like the 50s. 10/10 in my opinion and has become one of my favorites.

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